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About Von Base Enterprises

Von Base Enterprises is an Innovative Asset Management company specializing in predictive analysis and asset protection. We accomplish this goal in a style that is modern yet timeless, interesting and vibrant, with a focus on excellence. We create media capturing exhilarating moments of pure awe. Our pilots uses their years of experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your media and data are exceptionally concise. Contact us for more details.

What Drives Us?

Progress Innovation & Implementation

Our Mission

Von Base Enterprises LLC advances humanity through innovation while exceeding our client's digital needs.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to advance human wisdom, integrity, passion, excitement, whilst encouraging accomplishments in self-actualization.

Our Purpose

Our purpose, is to raise the bar for global digital media service providers while pushing the cutting-edge of technology forward

Aerial Services Offered

Our Drone platforms help you cut costs and manage project timelines while increasing safety and efficiency

Construction Site


Commercial and Residential Roofing
Asphalt and Paving
Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Development & Architecture

Rural Village

Real Estate

Commercial Residential

Film Set

Production & Marketing

Commercials, Web Development, Social Media, Film/TV

Drone Takeoff


Short Term Rental (AirBnb) Training

Flight Training/Licensing

Stock/Options Trading

Cryptocurrency Training

Production Training

VBE Drone Ad 2
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1700 Northside Dr NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

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